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June 11, 2015 ... One of the biggest things people know me for other than being on television is giving my HONEST opinion on what hair to buy that will give you your BEST desired result. NYC Weave Studio now sells 100% REAL VIRGIN HAIR. With virgin hair the wave patterns and shades of the hair will vary slightly as it is REAL hair that has not been processed. The hair is beautiful and I am excited to offer you great hair at affordable prices.


 If you are not sure what to order send a photo of "the look" you want to achieve and I can guide you on your purchase. 

The average size head requires three bundles of hair. Not leaving any hair out? Choose a lace closure piece to accompany your bundles.

*With most vendors when purchasing hair keep in mind that the longer the length of the hair you buy the less they give you. This is usually true for hair 16 inches and longer.



Hair Tips

*When purchasing hair keep in mind that the longer the length of the hair you buy the less they give you. This is true for hair 16 inches and longer.

*When removing an install its best to saturate the braid with olive oil (any kind) prior to loosening the braid and combing. Please do not use conditioner for this step as most have too much water added and will make removal difficult and may make your natural hair tangle.

*For less tangles and shedding with your weave buy a better grade of hair. It is always better to purchase hair by the ounce from TRUSTED vendors. For hair brands from the beauty supply store (although NEVER recommended) purchase remy hair rather than "human like" or blended hair.

*Keep heavy grease, pore clogging oil and stiff sprays away from your weave. The hair will tangle and mat with the application of too many hair products. 

*Suggested hair products for weave: You can CO-wash (conditioner wash) with most brands of conditioner. My favorite is silicon mix but be sure to rise well or the hair will not dry well.

Watermelon Love Drops (on shop.nycweavestudio.com)

Protect The Pretty Scalp Oil (on shop.nycweavestudio.com)

My Hair Affair Hair Spray (on shop.nycweavestudio.com)

Pick Me UP Dry Shampoo (on shop.nycweavestudio.com)

Silicon free shampoo

Dry Shampoo is great for closure pieces  

Edge control by Olive Oil to keep edges/hairline smooth 

*If tracks come loose visit NYC Weave Studio to have them tightened up. 

*Two Strand Twist curly and wavy patterns, if your natural hair is left out include it in with the twist to match up natural hair pattern with weave hair, then cover with silk or satin bonnet.

*Use leave in conditioner infusium 23, Diva Curl and Bee Mine products  on wet and wavy weave hair to keep the wave pattern looking natural.

*When laying down wrap your hair with a head scarf, cover hair with a silk or satin bonnet or clip long hair weave towards the top of head for those with body curls or spirals.

*Stay away from hair that looks bad in the package (ex: too shiny, shedding before applied, colors or curl patterns that do not look natural).

*Be aware of MOST hair websites that offer deals  to good to be true as that usually indicates that their hair vendor is poor quality. This may mean that the hair has not been cleaned properly and you risk damage from lice, chemically treated hair or hair that has a corn chip like odor that will never go away.

*Usually when you purchase hair in the package there is a picture of how the hair looks when it is applied. If you do not like that photo chances are you will not like the hair once it is applied.

*To match hair, hold the weave up to your own hair in natural sunlight. 

*To save money buy hair two inches different in length. (ex: one pack of 12" and one pack of 14") you can create natural layers and save by not having to have your hair layered and not paying for the price of two 14" packs of hair.

*It is best and wise to use hair sold by the ounce and can be re-used.

*I NEVER recommend any hair supply stores that you wait while the hair is wefted. Yes it can be blended to your color/texture specifications but the hair is mixed with other fibers that are not from humans (you've been warned)

*if you have a sewn down closure made of JUST weft hair,  put a little heat on it with your flat iron to keep it looking natural, Use a back mirror and check the top of your hair daily to make sure you are styling your weave properly.





*Cash Payments  for ALL hair services* 
* Hair is Available for Purchase at the Studio  (for clients only) and can be purchased using a credit card via PAYPAL*

Weave Service Packages: 

NYC PACKAGE $220 (arriving washed and ready to braid) : Sew-In Service - comes with ALL of the following choices ...protective net, flat iron, body curls, premium braid track so hair can be pulled into ponytail, custom closure if desired (made with weft hair), invisible part (glue in) if desired and detailed cut or layering.  Client is not limited to amount of hair installed. Client must provide their own hair or purchase from NYC Weave Studio. 

NYC PACKAGE w/GLUELESS FRONTAL INSTALL $290 (arriving washed and ready to braid) - comes with styling and customization of frontal hairline.

VIXEN SEW IN $250 (arriving washed and ready to braid) : protective net, flat iron, body curls, Premium braid track, hair can be pulled in pony tail, parted straight down the middle and parted four ways.

FLIP TRACK SEW IN $250 (arriving washed and ready to braid) : best done with curly hair that you want to flip from one side to the other. This style is best done when the client has a solid natural hairline. 

BRAIDLESS SEW IN WEAVE (arriving washed and blown dry)

$250 (1 bundle - this option is to add fullness and not length. weft hair choice should be same length as your own hair or one to two inches longer max)  $350 (more than 1 bundle up to 2 ...this option is great for a natural look to add fullness and length)

$450 (more than 2 up to 3 bundles)

$550 (more than 3 bundles up to 4)

NOTES: hair will be weighed if it unbundled, flat iron is included with the cost, other styling options will be an additional cost, a tighten up is not recommended, two month maximum install recommended, yes you can have your hair washed, best on those w/relaxed, keratin smoothing treatment or hair that straightens out well with a flat iron. All of your natural hair is out with this install hence "braidless". This install is the only install that will have an option of $50 to $100 removal service (pricing of removal is based on which bundle package was installed).





- Client must provide hair. You can purchase the hair on shop.nycweavestudio.com or click "Buy Hair" tab at the top of website use the shop address for shipping and communicate via text with order number and text look desired and which wig you would like made.

Not buying hair from NYC Weave Studio?  Submit hair, a photo of the look you want along with name, address, contact number and head measurements (ask how via text) to the shop address. Wigs take approximately 10 business days to make. If you'd like to see photos of wigs already made please ask via text. Please note an additional shipping fee will be charged to send the wig to you (avg $10). If you have made an appt to have the wig installed please note that there is a separate charge for install. 

If you are NOT having the wig installed at the studio payment can be made using papal.


IN HOME INSTALL SERVICE $700 -  done in your Manhattan home 100th Street and Below. Please email from the CONTACT tab to inquire about this service. Natural hair must be washed and ready to braid.

Additional Services:

Color Service on 8oz or Two Bundles (each step) $40 up  Please note prices increase as amount of hair to be colored increases or if the desired color takes additional time or steps to achieve

Bleached knots on Lace Closure $40  Please note prices increase as amount of hair to be colored increases or the desired color takes additional time or steps to achieve 

Consultations are via SKYPE $25 - consultations are via Skype after 7pm Mon-Fri 

Curling Wand Technique $50

Detangle/Blow Dry - $20

Move up Closure $50 (mon-fri @9:30am)

Lay the Frontal Lace $50 (mon-fri @9:30am)

Flat Iron $50 (this for the individual track service or if you are getting flat iron only on weave install)

Individual Tracks $30 per track (Sewn in) great for people who want to incorporate some of their natural hair and add weave for length or fullness. Styling not included.  

Invisible part REdo (redo glue in)  $60 comes with protective serum to minimize damage to natural hair. 

Ponytail $100    additional cost if client needs to be shampooed 

Quick Weave $150 and up (a portion of the clients has to be left out to cover tracks  comes with a flat iron or body curls).  

Shampoo Natural Hair $25 

Shampoo Re-used extension/weave hair  $25 

Fix Track $15

Body Curls $50 and up (this for if you are getting styled only with no install)

Treatments $20 (for scalp) added after braid down

Trim $15 (natural hair) 

Tighten up Weave Install $50  

Install WIG $100

27 piece $300  (sew in)   

                                                                  *** Additional Cost for Extra Long/Thick Hair *** 

All weaves installs are guaranteed to lay flat. You have 48 hours from the time of your original service to make any revision you may want done to your weave install provided nothing has been altered from the original application.

If you request any revision and the service you would like was not an original part of the original service an additional charge may be applied. 

Please note, installs done at other salons will not be serviced at NYC Weave Studio.   Thank YOU.