1. Be on time...a two hour window is scheduled for your weave install. Please be fair to others coming in after you, they really would like their appointment to start on time. Allow for cows falling from the sky, time to get lost, full parking lots, not finding the location and traffic/train/bus delays. Several PAY parking lots are located on 34th and also 36th between 2nd and 3rd. If you arrive early and a client is there enjoying their PRIVATE appointment Gemini Diner is on the corner of 35th and 2nd until your appt time starts. 

2. Come with your natural hair combed out, shampooed and blown dry. WASH and SETS of natural or weave hair and/or  weave removal IS NOT A SERVICE OFFERED. Please do not put any heavy products on your hair after blow drying. Please make sure you rise it thoroughly. Using heavy oils will alter the outcome of the style of your weave install. 

3. Purchasing hair? Click the "Buy Hair" tab at the top or go to shop.nycweavestudio.com. Currently 100% Virgin Hair is sold at the studio but it is best to pre purchase to make sure what you want is avail as the hair SELLS FAST!. The shipping fee will be refunded. Make sure to text the purchase order to 9143300775 IMMEDIATELY after your purchase and say you would like the hair held for your appt.

Use the shop address for shipping. Reusing hair? Make sure it is clean, combed out and free of dirt, old thread, COMPLETELY DRY, sorted for lengths and combed out well. To comb weave hair after washing its best to lay it on a hard surface to comb or brush. If your hair has been chopped into many small pieces please purchase new hair. 

4. To prep your reused hair at home shampoo weave hair with Pantene CLASSIC shampoo, Dove shampoo or shampoo your vendor recommends. NO heavy or oily conditioners please as that will alter the finished look! Blow hair dry or lay flat overnight to air dry. Hanging the hair on a hanger made for pants with the two clips on the end makes drying easier.

5. For your appt have a few photos of your desired look saved on your phone as it's a great starting point before the weave application.

Want COLOR? Hair should be MAILED and IN studio one week prior to appointment. Include name, number, appt date and time with inspiration photo printed and INCLUDED of the desired look. If you want a price estimate (not exact) please ask via text. All color pricing depends on condition of the hair that needs color and the color you want the hair to be. Some coloring requires multiple steps to get the desired look. Color job can be paid for at your appt. 


6. A 48 hour window is requried to be able to change or re-book any appointment. Please understand there are NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be a $75 + charge to any client not giving a 48 hour notice to be able to make any other appointments. Showing up to your appointment 20 minutes or more late is considered a no show/missed appointment and the same fee will be applied. 


Salon Policy



NYC Weave Studio’s goal is to please clients.  Everything possible will be done to resolve any issues. Sorry, but there are absolutely NO refunds.   THIS IS A CASH ONLY SALON. Hair can be purchased in studio using pay pal. 

Showing up to the salon with your hair washed and blown dry is the best way to come prepared to get your weave installed.  Service will not be preformed on hair that is not clean or scalp that has open sores or an unhealthy appearance.    

To have an install applied it is necessary to bring at least two packs of 100% human hair or 8 ounces of bulk hair unless your desired look requires less.   

Please do not book additional install appointments if you already have one scheduled. Do NOT book for other people.

There will be an additional charge to wash re-used hair. Hair that is not clean and contains debris will NOT be re-used without washing. A $15 charge will be applied for re-used hair that has to be washed and blown dry. Applying re-used hair that is not clean will not be allowed at any time.   

NYC Weave Studio is not responsible for sensitive scalp, tenderness, abrasions, allergic reactions or sores due to braids, beads, glues or install process. 

Work at this salon will not be preformed at any time on installs done by other salons/stylists. This includes install take outs, wash and sets and braiding.

If you have guests with you they are to wait in the designated waiting area and are at no time allowed to sit in stylist chair. This is a female service salon please do not bring any MEN with you.


NYC Weave Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

At no time is Food of any kind allowed in the salon. Please understand that for sanitary reasons you can not eat anything at all while sitting in the styling chair.

Please adhere to all information above as it could result in your appointment being cancelled.  

By sitting in the chair for service you are agreeing to this policy.

Thanks and have a wonderful weave! 

Appointment Prep



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